sebastian corboSebastian Corbo is a talented musician who is living in Vaughan, Ontario. He’s been playing the drums for most of his life and sees it as an impactful part of his life.

Sebastian’s love for the drums began one day when he witnessed a group of guys jamming together on the keyboard, bass guitar, and — most importantly — the drums. He immediately became captivated with the instrument and decided he needed to own one and learn how to play it.

Often, when children have a fascination with a toy or an activity, they’ll become all-consumed with it for a few weeks and then abandon it with disinterest; not Sebastian Corbo. Once he he had his hands on a drum set his obsession only grew. In the years since, he attended Boston Berklee College for Music Production, and he’s also played in two different bands, one performing internationally, and his current band which has a soul-funk vibe and has played for audiences as big as 20,000 people.

In his professional life, Sebastian Corbo worked in construction for more than 40 years. He is now retired.